Sunday, 23 November 2014

4th Class History Trail

In October Fourth Class went on a history trail of Cavan. We had to find the answers to these questions. Try them out yourself.

How long has St Clare’s School been located in the present building?
On what date did Mary Mc Aleese officially open St. Clare’s Garden?
How many small circles are in the window of the Church of Ireland?
In what year did Paddy Smith (T.D.) die?
What shape is the window directly over the main door of the Cathedral? 
What time does the clock on the Church of Ireland show? 
There is a harp on the Courthouse. On what colour background is it placed? 
In what year was Lord Farnham born?
For how long did the balladeer/singer /artist Percy French live at 16 Farnham Street?
What are the opening hours of the Environmental Waste and Water Services located in the old library building?  
In what year was the building behind the silver railings built?
What time is the Sunday Service in the Presbyterian Church? 
In the Abbey grounds a sign suggests that you might be able to quench your thirst here. To what type of building does it refer? 
When  was the Town Hall Building erected?
What group sponsored the Urban Renewal Scheme on Market Square?
There is a coat of arms on the hotel on your right. To which family do you think it belongs?
How many crosses can you see on St. Clare’s Church?

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